Storytelling is a powerful tool to affect change: to shift and transcend pain around a narrative, to transform victimization into empowerment and create light out of darkness.

Disruptive Narrative (DN) is a newly developed film and television production company based in London, Berlin, and Los Angeles founded by Syrian-Armenian-American Storyteller Sona Tatoyan, and Austrlian International Human Rights Lawyer Jennifer Robinson.

Drawing upon the personal experiences and backgrounds of its founders, DN seeks to tell stories which disrupt the status quo and question dominant narratives: to educate, empower, and incite social change through productions that speak to injustice and the capacity for human resilience.  DN works with communities affected by social injustice to tell their stories, integrate them in the process and create opportunities for impact and change.

DN takes storytelling beyond reaching audiences to engage them in social action. By connecting films to change-makers and communities in creative and authentic ways, DN seeks to raise awareness, build empathy, and fundraise for vital projects.

Disruptive Narrative is currently producing its first project, Three Apples Fell From Heaven, a story which spans a century from the collapse of the Ottoman Empire to the current war in Syria inspired by The New York Times Notable Book & award-winning novel of the same title.