• Identifying social justice challenges
  • Respond to key social justice issues
  • Identify stories with capacity to disrupt dominant narratives
  • Map possibilities for change
  • Retell stories that challenge the status quo


  • Engaging with affected community
  • Collaborating with communities suffering injustice
  • Identifying the needs and stories of communities
  • Identifying what community can and want to contribute


  • Integrating community into production
  • Sourcing inherent community talents and resources
  • Integrating community in film production


  • Empowering through employment and inclusion
  • Creating opportunity for career advancement
  • Education and employment opportunities
  • Ethical employment practices and living wages
  • Exposure to international film production networks


  • Outreach and Sustainability
  • Collaboration with local organizations for continuing support
  • Follow-ups with communities to monitor progress and impact
  • Developing outreach campaigns to raise awareness and fundraise
  • Film screenings and advocacy events
  • Committing portion of proceeds to community projects
  • Support and mentorship provided to community in various aspects of filmmaker process might become an expertise they can use in the future.